Eyelid Lock: A Level Up From Your Usual Eyelid Tape

Want bigger eyelid creases? Or maybe transform your monolids into double eyelids? Hara’s Eyelid Lock is here to answer all your prayers!

As one of our star products, Hara’s Eyelid Lock takes everything good from your usual eyelid tape and takes it to the next level. Adhesive strength, texture, packaging, you name it. It simply works like magic when it comes to giving you that dream double eyelid!

There are two you can choose from, depending on your needs:

Eyelid Lock Expert Slim

This version is specially designed for MUAs. 35mm x 3mm in size, with a porous texture that will really bring out your eyeshadows’ pigment and let you blend it in better. Best part is, the Eyelid Locks’ adhesive strength will keep your double eyelid on point all day long!

Eyelid Lock Regular Slim

Adhesive strength and texture wise, this version is similar to the Eyelid Lock Expert Slim. What’s different is that it comes in a smaller size, 25mm x 3mm, and is made for everyday use. Whether you’re a college student, a working woman, or a stay at home mom, this Eyelid Lock will really make mornings much easier!

For such awesome results, the how-to is pretty straightforward with this pre-cut Eyelid Tape. All you have to do is slowly peel the Eyelid Lock from the backing, apply it, gently press to ensure it sticks, and voila! You’ve got your dream double eyelid. From then on, you can apply eyeshadow and eyeliner to complete the look as you please.

Super practical, sticks all day long, and easy to blend in. Sounds like a holy grail for the perfect and lasting eye makeup!

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