Hara Alpha Pro Program

Terms & Conditions


You must have joined Hara+ by creating an account at Hara.co.id. You must be a make-up accredited professional or student aged 18 or over to receive the benefits listed below. In order to become a Hara Alpha Member you must fulfil the Pro requirements listed below and successfully complete the online application form found at https://hara.co.id/member-alpha/form.

Becoming a member of Hara Alpha Pro Program is currently free of charge but this may change. Only you are eligible for this pro discount. Pro discounts may not be shared with others under any circumstances. Hara reserves the right to verify your continued eligibility ore revoke your membership, and may amend the Pro Requirements at any time.

In the event that your circumstances change, and you no longer fulfil the then-current criteria to qualify for the Hara Alpha Pro Program (for example, you cease to be a professional makeup artist or makeup student) you must notify Hara immediately on support@hara.co.id and we retain the right to end your membership for the Hara Alpha Pro Program.

Professional Artists

Eligible member of Hara Alpha Pro Program must be a Professional Artist which includes: MAKEUP ARTIST, HAIRSTYLIST, MAKEUP INSTRUCTOR, SALON OWNER, or MAKEUP STUDENT.

When completing the online application form, Professional Artists must provide TWO of the following (photo or scanned document):


Valid form of identification (e.g. KTP or SIM or Passport)

Additional documents (choose ONE of the following)

  1. Accredited makeup school qualification
  2. Valid aesthetician or cosmetology license
  3. Makeup school certificate
  4. Beauty diploma
  5. Editorial page or commercial magazine with name credit

The Benefits

As a Hara Alpha Member, you will be able to enjoy (i) the Discount; (ii) the Points and Redeems, (iii) the Referrals, and (iii) invitations to any pro master-classes and events (the Events) that we hold. We cannot guarantee that any Events will be held whilst you are Hara Alpha Member. An invitation to an Event is not guaranteed entry as (i) space may be limited and (ii) you might have to purchase a ticket.

The Products

Your Discount applies to all products available to purchase on the website Hara.co.id.

The Discount

Your Discount entitles you to 10% off the Products (the Discount) purchased online on the Hara.co.id. The Discount may apply to the Events. The Discount begins on the date we notify you that you are a Hara Alpha Member and lasts for twelve (12) months from that date or until you cease to be eligible to be a member, and subject to any changes or termination to the Pro Program by Hara.


Products purchased by you using the Discount are for personal or professional use only, and none of the foregoing may not be resold or exchanged under any circumstances. Any returns will take into account the discount that was applied. If we become aware that you or one of your clients are on-selling the Products we reserve the right to revoke the Discount with immediate effect. We also respectfully point out the damaging effect this could have on our relationship going forward.

Shipping and Returns

Discount do not apply to any shipping costs. All other terms of purchase of the Hara Website are available in full on the Hara Website.

How Will Your Data Be Used

CV. Gema Cipta Arcapada will be the data controller of the personal data you provide to us when you apply to become a Hara Alpha Member and, if you are successful, of any personal data you provide to us whilst you are a member.

Our contact details are:

Email: support@hara.co.id

The personal data which you provide when you apply to become a Hara Alpha Member is necessary to allow us to assess whether you are eligible to become a Hara Alpha Member.

If you are successful, the personal data is also necessary for us to enter into an agreement to register you as a Hara Alpha Member and in order to complete your registration and to administer the Pro Program in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

This will include using your email address to let you know whether your application to become a Hara Alpha Member has been successful and, where necessary, to provide you with further information about the Pro Program.

For further details on how we process your personal data collected via the Hara Alpha Program in addition to the above, please see our Privacy Policy.