Hara’s Newest Innovation: Curved Mini Scissor

If you’re all about precision and neatness, the Curved Mini Scissor is your new best friend! Made of long-lasting stainless steel (corrosion-free and easy to clean!), 10 cm in length, with a 4,5 cm handle, our Curved Mini Scissor is small and practical. Best part? It’s extra sharp and curved, making it easy to trim your falsies.

When it comes to creating that instant glam or bringing out that extra oomph, we can all agree that falsies are a must. But in doing so, trimming and customizing false lashes also becomes a must. Without the trimming, your eyes could end up looking droopy or unnatural, or worse, cause skin irritation. Now this is where the Curved Mini Scissor comes in handy!

How to use Hara’s Curved Mini Scissors to get natural falsies:

  1. First things first, using our Tweezers, place your falsies over your actual eyelashes. This would be the best way to gauge how much you actually have to trim.
  2. Cut the excess length as needed. Make sure to cut the strip, with the lashes facing away from the scissors to avoid cutting off the other lashes, and to start cutting from the outside edge where the lashes are longer if you’re using tapered falsies.
  3. For a more natural look, you can also trim the individual lashes. Go for the tapered cut—shorter on the sides and longer in the middle—instead of having the same length across.


Make sure to measure each eye separately as they could be different in size and consequently require different lengths of falsies. More importantly, make sure to trim those falsies conservatively. Rather than have a set of falsies go to waste because of over-trimming, it’d be better to trim little by little until you get to the desired length.

The curved shape of the scissor will make it easier for you to cut those falsies right from the case.

Psst! Hara’s Curved Mini Scissors can also work wonders on those bottom lashes! The curved shape of the scissor will make it easier for you to cut those falsies right from the case without having to angle your hands awkwardly or accidentally indent the falsies as you trim.

Time to blow away the world with them “natural” lashes!

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