Frequently Asked Question

Product Information

What is the difference between the Transparent Eyelid Tape and The Skin-colored Eyelid Tape?

The difference lies in the texture of the Eyelid Tape. The Transparent Eyelid Tape has a porous motif, and is thicker and more elastic. The Skin-colored Eyelid Tape is smoother in texture, nude colored, and thinner.

Which Eyelid Tape is better for those with puffy monolids?

Transparent Eyelid Tape is better because it is thicker, hence stronger and better in holding up the eyelid.

What is the difference between the small and the large Eyelid Tape?

The difference lies in the width of the Eyelid Tape. The large Eyelid Tape is 2,5 cm in width and the small Eyelid Tape is 1,2 cm in width.

What is the difference between the Flat Tip Tweezer and the Point Tip Tweezer?

This goes back to your needs and preferences. For application of falsies, you can use the Flat Tip Tweezer to apply the lower lashes, and for the eyelid stitching technique, the Point Tip Tweezer works marvelously well.

What is the difference between the Color Cleaner and the Brush Cleansing Pad?

The can-shaped Colour Cleaner is for cleaning eyeshadow leftovers/residue off of your brushes so it doesn’t get mixed with the new colour you want to use. You can easily use this cleaner during the makeup process.

The Brush Cleansing Pad is for cleaning all your brushes as well, this time from leftover dirt and dust. However, the pad must be used with water and soap.

Is the Brush Bag only available in one color?

Yes, Hara’s Brush Bag Vol. 2, is only available in one color (misty grey).

Product Condition

The product I want is out of stock. When will it be restocked again?

We are not sure when the product will be restocked, but we can make sure which product can be restocked faster and which ones have run out of stock and are being reproduced.

Is the price still negotiable?

The price of our product is fixed.

Is the product the same as the one in the photo?

The products are 100% the same as in the photos, because we do the photoshoot ourselves. If the color in the image is different from the stock that arrived, we will confirm it back to you.

The product I received is damaged or different from the one I've ordered. How do you handle this?

We are responsible for the damaged products due to the negligence of our quality check. We encourage you to call Customer Service at +62-819-224-2929 (WhatsApp)

Delivery & Shipping

Does the price include shipping cost?

Prices shown do not include shipping cost.

When will the products be delivered?

We deliver the products every 15.00-16.00 WIB (UTC+07:00) depending on the number of orders on that day. For the shipments, it will be sent on Same Day (if payment is received before 14.00 WIB) or D+1 (if payment is received after 14.00 WIB) from the incoming order and the receipt will be updated the day after.

What time will my order arrive?

We cannot confirm the certainty of delivery hours, because this is beyond our control. It depends on the courier service that is delivering to your place.

In estimation, how long will delivery take?

For estimated time arrival, you can check directly with our couriers: JNE

For shipping, can the product be sent on the same day after payment is fully transferred?

Yes, all shipping is on Same Day if payment confirmation is received before 14.00 WIB (UT+07:00).

My purchased products only weigh a little, but why are they charged more than the weight of the products?

This will happen if the product you want has a large volume. We calculate the volume based on the JNE matrix formula. JNE matrix formula: (Length x Width x Height) : 6000.

Is another courier service available besides JNE?

For the time being we only serve shipments via JNE.

Can shipping be done via GO-SEND?

Hara only uses JNE for shipping purposes.

General Inquiries

How to Order
  1. Starting on the main page, pick Shop All and select a category you wish to see
  2. Pick the product you want, then pick your preferred size (if available), and the amount you wish to order
  3. Click Add to Cart
  4. Check the items you’ve picked by clicking on the total price on the top right corner
  5. Enter promo code (if there is one), then click Checkout to proceed to consumer data form
  6. Enter your address as completely as possible to make the shipping process easier
  7. Pick your preferred choice of payment and shipping method
  8. Click the Complete Order button and complete payment as soon as possible so your order can be immediately processed
  9. Confirm your payment here if your have transferred your funds
Why does it take so long to reply to WhatsApp?

We will try harder, but because of the large number of orders right now and so many customers are contacting us, please wait.

Does Hara have an offline store?

For the time being, Hara does not have an offline store.

Does Hara have resellers?

Yes, we do have resellers. For further information, you can click here to see the details about resellers.