How to Bake Your Makeup Like a Pro

Baking your makeup doesn’t involve putting your makeup in the oven. But just like baking a cookie can totally lift your mood, so can baking your makeup. Think flawless, porcelain skin!

But first, what exactly is baking?

Baking your makeup is all about perfecting your under-eye makeup using two main ingredients, concealer and translucent powder, and two tools, damp Pebble Makeup Sponge and blending brush. It involves leaving translucent powder sit on your face for a good few minutes—baking—and then dusting it off to find a crease-less finish.

How do you bake your makeup?

1. Moisturize your eye area

Dry skin is a recipe for more creases and fine lines, so make sure to moisturize first and foremost to keep your eye area plump. It helps you look more “awake” and fresh too!

2. Apply concealer under your eyes

Apply them as you usually would (psst! A triangle shape works best). Then, using a damp Pebble Makeup Sponge, gently blend in the concealer. Make sure to really smoothen out your skin in this step. Any creases left will be difficult to get rid of, once you set it with powder.

3. Dab a thick layer of translucent powder

Dip Pebble Makeup Sponge into the powder of your choice, then dab them generously over your under eye where you applied your concealer. Remember, you want to be generous.

4. Let it bake!

Now all you have to do is wait and let the powder sit for 5 – 10 minutes on your face. You can do your brows while waiting!

5. Dust off the powder!

Use a fluffy brush to lightly “flick” away all the powder. You’ll find flawless porcelain skin underneath.

Excited to try baking? Make sure you have Hara Pebble Makeup Sponge!

In creating that smooth canvas, the Pebble Makeup Sponge would be your number one friend. First, it’s easy to clean. Hara Pebble Makeup Sponge comes with bigger sponge pores, so you won’t have to worry about leftover foundation getting stuck in the sponge. Second, it’s durable. Since it’s easy to clean, you can clean your sponge faster and reduce the risks of overwashing. Ultimately, it’s sustainable! You get to save water and reduce waste.

Hara Pebble Makeup Sponge is well and truly a long term beauty investment.

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