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Eyelid Veil the #inVEILsible X Nanath Nadia

The invisible eyelid tape is made with a premium fiber lace material. Recommended for those who want to add a strong dimension to their eyelids.

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Eyelid Lock forEye Makeup of Your Dreams

A reliable pre-cut eyelid tape that gets you closer to the eye makeup of your dreams. Designed for immediate use, keeping your lids the way you want it all day long.

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Watch Garasi Series

Kamu bisa tonton serial Garasi (Gali Rahasia) bersama Makeup Artist favorit kamu disini, temukan berbagai cerita rahasia menarik seputar dunia makeup.

Watch Makeup O’Clock Youtube Version

Kamu bisa tonton serial Makeup O’Clock versi Youtube disini dengan beragam konsep! Dapatkan ilmu gratis dari Professional Makeup Artist favorit.

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